Wednesday 5 September 2007

Giving 20 minutes of fame to an intersection. Jane and Finch

This morning's photo posting is a preview of story that has yet to written .... hopefully it will happen soon -- I desperately need to get a window of time to actually work on my website (maybe this evening).

The reason for the soon to-be-posted story: People often use public relations and the services of a publicist to rebuild a reputation -- to give the media and the consumers of news an opportunity to see the "real" side of a story. It can work. Baring the soul is a very effective tool towards changing how the public see you.

Movie stars. Fallen politicos. Failed authors. Bankrupt CEOs. Public Relation campaigns will win these fallen angels an extra 5 minutes of positive fame.

If it works for people can it work for street addresses? In Toronto one of the most infamous locations is the corner of Jane and Finch. Say those three words and many people conjur up images of murders, drive-by-shootings, street gangs, and public housing gone to seed. That isn't the real Jane Finch, but, how do you change such a negative myth?