Tuesday 24 February 2015

Jamaica Legalizes Pot This Evening - February 24, 2015

Jamaican / Canadian company has played pivotal role in the process

Jamaica Parliament has just given final approval today to legalize the growing, processing and export of medical marijuana

For Immediate Release:
The Government of Jamaica gave third and final reading to a bill to legalize both the production of medical marijuana and the personal consumption of marijuana.  Timeless Herbal Care Ltd., a Jamaican-Canadian company involved in the production and export of medical marijuana, was instrumental in creating a bill that establishes a framework for the production, use and export of Jamaican produced international grade medical marijuana.  
Speaking in Toronto, The Hon. Ernie Eves, former Premier of the Province of Ontario, Canada and chairperson of Timeless Herbal Care Ltd. said today that, “Jamaica is now uniquely positioned to become the medical marijuana hub not just for the Caribbean and Canada but, for the world.” 
The bill to legalize marijuana could well be the law of the land in Jamaica within a week.  The bill was introduced to the House of Parliament by Senator Mark Golding, who is also Minister of Justice in the Lower House, and as such the bill that was voted on already has Senatorial approval.  All that is required now is Royal Assent from the Island’s Governor General.
 According to Courtney Betty, President and CEO of Timeless Herbal Care Ltd., “Our company is fully prepared to build an international global brand for Jamaican medical marijuana by combining the best of science and research with organic Jamaican marijuana of the highest quality almost immediately.  Our partners include the University of the West Indies, the Charles Town Maroons, The Jamaica Epilepsy Society, the Ganja Growers Association, BioRegeneration Integrated Medical Centre headed by Dr. Janice Fisher, Roxy Distributors Ltd. and renowned Jamaica scientist and researcher Dr. Lawrence Williams.” 
Timeless Herbal Care Ltd. has played a leading role in working with the Jamaican government to bring this bill to the House.  The company is committed to ensuring that Jamaica and its people get the benefits which will derive from this new industry. 
“Timeless Herbal Care Ltd. is proud to be Jamaican and proud of the many individuals who have sacrificed to preserve what will become Jamaica’s most profitable industry,” continued Mr. Betty. “We pay special recognition to industry, education and law enforcement officials who were very instrumental in paving the way for Minister of Justice Mark Golding to deliver this historic legislation.”
Jamaica’s Timeless Herbal Care combines the best of science and herbs for the health and wellness of all people. Timeless has created the Green and Gold Triangle with operations in Jamaica, Israel and North America structured to immediately supply the growing international demand for medical marijuana products.
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