Thursday 8 November 2012

Popular Stephen Weir Facebook Posting from Election Week


Interesting tidbit in this month's  Financial Post Magazine. The business publication features the top CEOs in Canada. #1 is the founder and CEO of Dollarama, Montreal's Larry Rossy. Buried in the feature story about Rossy  is a single paragraph that says that Rossy now holds only 10% of the company stock. Why such a small percentage for a company he founded? Look south of the border to the holdings of the Romney family.  To quote FPM " He (Rossy) and his partners sold the bulk of it to (Mitt Romney's) Bain Capital in 2004". 
Information Source: Larry Rossy - Dollarama's CEO May Sell Small Bargain Items But He's Also Paying Attention To the Big Picture by Hollie Shaw. November 2012. Financial Post Magazine.

Facebook posting by Stephen Weir November 6 2012