Wednesday 14 September 2011

My own 20-minutes of fame - soon to be viewed by millions and millions of people


It happened during the summer while I was standing with the police at a road closure baricade. It happened again today. I was in my car stopped on the road with my face hanging out the open window looking at the oncoming traffic. I know that I am soon to be seen by millions and millions and millions of people!
Google Map is in town and their green and white vehicle with its multi-directional cameras on the roof, is shooting street-by-street video images of the Greater Toronto Area to be used online on the popular Google Map web service.
For a number of years Google Maps has posted and shown video footage of most streets in downtown Toronto. This summer and fall they are expanding their coverage zone to include the burbs.
My Story
One warm Saturday morning in July I was standing near a police roadblock across the east end of Shoreham Drive near York University. The roadway was being used as a staging area for the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival / Yorkgate Mall Junior Carnival Parade. I was with the police helping them politely tell motorists that they had to turn around and go back the way they came.
My stardom took place when I was standing at the side of the road taking a break when the Google Map vehicle came by. I was front and centre when it made a U-Turn and I was also on the street when it drove by at the end of the parade. The cameras got me many times. I waved. I smiled. I danced on the spot. I am marked for on-line fame!
Today, while pulling into the driveway of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, I stopped to allow a group of school kids to cross. My window was rolled down. Just as I was looking out the window the Google truck came by cameras firing. I winked at the camera For the second time fame stared me in the face!
Andy Warhol says we all get 15-minutes of fame. This website gives insight into stretching your own personal fame an extra five minutes (or so). Want fame and fortune? Stalk the Google Map Truck. Never mind that they will pixilate yout face and car plates ... it is all about being famous isn't it? E-mail me for your free unpixilated publicity picture and autograph!

Cutline: Google Map Truck Photo From Flickr