Tuesday 26 November 2013

Jim Kozmik to speak at the Great White Shark Night!!!!


I recently spoke on the phone from Switzerland with Canadian free-diving champion William Winram. We talked about how he helps scientists studying sharks by sticking tracking devices into the fins of Great White Sharks. He does it by free-diving - no scuba tanks, no chain mail suits, no cages and no defence weapons used - with these massive dangerous fish.

While he and his free-diving friends swam with the Great White Sharks, he managed to capture many of the underwater encounters on video. He used an inexpensive Go Pro camera to create a YouTube movie about people who swim without protection to tag Great White Sharks in the waters off Mexico's western coast. That video caused such a stir amongst the dive community that an American IMAX film crew, who had just wrapped up filming a new 3-D movie about Great White Sharks, travelled to a dive show in England to meet Winram and to look at this footage.

So impressed were the movie makers that they decided to restart filming using Winram and two fellow free-divers as the stars! The results speak for themselves. The new Imax Great White Shark movie is playing in Imax theatres across North America. It is currently showing in Toronto at the Ontario Science Centre.

Next Saturday night December 7th, the Science Centre is holding a benefit night screening for the Ontario Science Centre! Along with the new movie, my friend and underwater videographer Jim Kozmik and TV show producer Danny Mauro will screen a show they shot with Great White sharks in the same waters that Winram swam in!

Join me, Jimmy, Danny and the OUC for an Evening with Sharks on December 7th, 2013! Sure to be a fun-filled evening with guest speakers, raffles, great giveaways, refreshments and more. You might even win a Blackbeard's cruise or a Cayman Islands holiday! Book today at https://secure.e-registernow.com/cgi-bin/mkpayment.cgi?state=697