Thursday 23 May 2013

Guardian Brotherhood formerly complains about two senior York Region Police officers



 The disturbing Police Services case of Dameian Muirhead continues in Aurora

MAY 23rd UPDATE:  The hearing scheduled for Thursday has been postponed for at least two weeks. Hearing officer considering wheither or not he should step down

May 20, 2013 .... The Guardian Brotherhood, a newly formed fraternal organization comprised of black uniformed provincial correctional officers, OPP Officers, and Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services civilian employees, has filed a formal complaint to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director. The Brotherhood has made a complaint about York Regional Police Detective McRobbie and Inspector Rouse, over testimony made at an ongoing Police Disciplinary Hearing against officer Dameian Muirhead, which is set to resume Tuesday morning in Aurora.
" On May 3, 2013, I attended the disciplinary hearing for constable Dameian Muirhead. The hearing was being held by York Region Police," wrote Keith Hassell, the head of the Guardian Brotherhood. "During said hearing, lead detective investigator Detective McRobbie stated that he attended the provincial court to observe and report on the threatening charges that Constable Muirhead laid against a Mr. Dugay. Mr Dugay had filed a complaint against Constable Muirhead for the arrest and Detective McRobbie was assigned by the Chief of Police to investigate. Detective McRobbie admitted (in the disciplinary hearing) that he reviewed the court file without lawful authority. Further Detective McRobbie interfered with the court of justice by suggesting to the Crown that the charges be withdrawn without any lawful authority."

The Guardian Brotherhood has also filed a police complaint against Inspector Rouse, who, like McRobbie, is also a member of the York Regional Police Force.  Inspector Rouse is the hearing officer in the hearing concerning York Region Police officer Damaien Muirhead. The Guardian Brotherhood state in their declaration that when the admissions were made by Detective McRobbie in the hearing, "Inspector Rouse decided that he wouldn't investigate, but suggested that it was outside the hearing (jurisdiction)."

Dameian Muirhead is a Jamaican Canadian police officer with ten years sterling service with the York Region Force. He is, in part, accused of misconduct over an investigation where racial slurs were yelled at him at a drunken farm party where a woman had been run over by a vehicle. As the Toronto Star reported "oddly, Muirhead, in part, is accused of not properly investigating the racial taunts made against him." He is also charged for not picking up a leather coat owned by Mr Dugay. The coat fell off a motorcycle when Officer Muirhead was checking its plate. 

What: Officer Dameian Muirhead's Discipline Hearing. 
The hearing is open to the media and the public.   
IT is expected that supporters of Dameian will attend the hearing. 
The Brotherhood is expected to attend the hearing on Thursday. 
Stephen Weir will not be in the court until Wednesday.

Who:       Officer Dameian and his lawyer, Courtney Betty will be in the hearing before Inspector Rouse.

When: May 21, 22 and 23 - hearing begins at 9.30 am

Where: 100 John West Way in the town of Aurora

Why:        This is a case of racial prejudice against a Christian man who did as the Bible says, he turned the other check when called a Nigger and many other foul names while investigating the drunken York Region farm party.


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