Thursday 28 September 2017

Innocence Canada hosting 4th Annual Wrongful Conviction Day Reception


5:30 7:30 p.m
Convocation Hall
Law Society of Upper Canada, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario: This October 2, 2017, people from around the globe will come together in recognition of the wrongly convicted. Innocence Canada, along with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), will be hosting its 4th annual Wrongful Conviction Day (WCD) reception. The reception will be attended by many of the wrongly convicted, their family members, Innocence Canada Board and Foundation members, staff, volunteers, members, sponsors, funders, donors and members of the public at large.
The highlight of the evening will be the introduction and acknowledgement of the wrongly convicted and their families. Some of the exonerees that will be attending are David Milgaard, Réjean Hinse, Leighton Hay, Anthony Hanemaayer, Jamie Nelson, Tammy Marquardt, Rob Baltovich, John Artis and Maria Shepherd. We are honoured to have Ontario Attorney General, Yasir Naqvi, and David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto, who will each offer short remarks. A keynote speech will be given by renowned criminal lawyer, Marie Henein, who had this to say about wrongful convictions.
“Wrongful convictions remind us of how painfully human our legal system is-and how in these times, we must remain uncompromising and unyielding in protecting those foundational principles that seek to counterbalance our inevitable fallibility.” – Marie Henein
During the evening’s program, the annual Rubin ‘HurricaneCarter Champion of Justice Award will be presented by one of Innocence Canada’s Founders, James Lockyer and exoneree, John Artis, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter’s co-accused. This award is given to an individual or group who has in some significant way helped champion the cause of the wrongly convicted. In addition, The Tracey Tyler Award will be presented by her sister Angela Tyler and Innocence Canada Co-President, Kirk Makin. This award is given to an individual or group who through the news media, documentary or film has through an article or a body of work over years has helped to expose wrongful convictions.
In conjunction with the events taking place around the world there are 18 confirmed landmarks (twice as many as last year) that will illuminate in recognition of WCD. Among these will be the CN Tower, Toronto City Hall Towers, Niagara Falls and the Peace Bridge.

“What started as a trickle three years ago, has tuned into a global movement,” said Ron Dalton, Exoneree and Co-President of Innocence Canada. In addition to illuminations, cities across Canada have signed proclamations declaring October 2nd as WCD."
Since its inception in 1993, Innocence Canada has helped in the exonerations of 21 Canadians. These innocent individuals combined spent more than 190 years in prison. Innocence Canada has 86 cases currently under review and is undertaking a major initiative over the coming year to cut into this backlog.

For more information and interview requests for exonerees and Innocence Canada representatives please contact:
Win Wahrer
Toll free: 1-800-249-1329 x227
In Toronto: 416-504-7500 x 227, Cell: 416-459-2065