Tuesday 18 December 2012

How Could I Leave Stumping For Weapons of Mass Destruction?



So's there I was. Having a liquid lunch today at the Pilot Tavern in downtown Toronto with a curator from the McMichael Gallery.  He went to Windsor U with my wife and I. Fine Arts.  He had the choice of sculpting me (that's how I paid my way through second year - 1970) or a live pigeon. He picked the bird. Wise choice - although I have outlived the squab.
Anyways. While we were talking I watched as a man my age came into the Yorkville bar and rolled up the indoor/outdoor rug (with the Pilot logo) took it to his white van and then came back with a clean one. Looked very familiar. Bigger. Grayer. Older than the old old days.
He worked at Litton Canada - the cruise missile factory - till he was laid off 20 years ago. He knew me by name. But, mostly because of Caribana. 
I couldn't remember his name. Round face, beard with a moustache.  Married a woman from Litton. Her name is something like Zowie. Or close to that.  She hasn't worked for 2 years. Trouble with her hands. They are trying to get her on disability.
Think the guy worked in maintenance.  Never found out - he couldn't talk long. He was double parked out front on Cumberland Street. Cars were honking.
Didn't have the guts to tell him I couldn't remember his name. He was out of touch. Didn't know about Chuck. Didn't know about Karen F. Or any of the other co-workers who have died to soon.  He just wanted to find out how it had come to be that I walked away from promoting the business of building weapons to becoming the spokesman for Caribana. He and his wife watched  for me every summer on CP-24.
So who was it?  Or does it matter? 
Told him about how three friends from the "old days" still have lunch every three months at a pizza bar in Mississauga near the QEW. Don't think he is going to join us. He isn't allowed to drive west of Islington Avenue - he just works the bars downtown and now and then talks to strange men like me.

2013 Book Prize Season Begins January 9th in Toronto at the King Eddie!

S A V E   T H E    D A T E!

Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction
2013 Shortlist Announcement

  Wednesday, January 9th      10:00 a.m. sharp!

King Edward Hotel
Consort Bar, Main Floor, 37 King St. East, Toronto

The Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction (CTP) presented by RBC Wealth Management will be announcing its Shortlist for 2013 on January 9th.  This prestigious book award recognizes excellence in Canadian non-fiction writing and emphasizes the development of the careers of the authors it celebrates. Now in its 12th awarding, the CTP has been instrumental in fostering the growth of non-fiction in Canada. Mark your planners/auto-reminders, and RSVP now.

Readers of StephenWeir.com are welcome to attend. RSVP required!

Who will be there:           
Host: Noreen Taylor, Founder and Chair, the Charles Taylor Prize Foundation
2013 Jurors:  Susanne Boyce, Richard Gwyn, Joseph Kertes
Other spokespersons: Vijay Parmar, Vice President, RBC Wealth Management, Dr. David Staines, Prize Trustee, Canadian publishers & book editors

What's happening:                        
Announcing the authors and titles that have been shortlisted for the 12th awarding of The Charles Taylor Prize -- Canada's most prestigious non-fiction award.

The King Edward Hotel, Consort Bar, Main Floor, 37 King St. East, Toronto

Why attend?           
Be the first to know which books have been selected for this important Shortlist. The $25,000 Prize is awarded annually to the author whose book best combines a superb command of the English language, an elegance of style and a subtlety of thought and perception. An honorarium of $2,000 is given to each finalist with promotional support for each shortlisted title.

129 submissions competed for this year's CTP Longlist. Fifteen titles were announced in December.  To review the 2013 longlist visit: www.thecharlestaylorprize.ca

Note: The winner of the 2013 prize will be announced on Monday, March 4th. 


Media are requested to confirm their attendance with Stephen Weir & Associates:

Stephen Weir:                  416-489-5868                    cell: 416-801-3101   stephen@stephenweir.com
Linda Crane:                       905-257-6033    cell: 416-727-0112   cranepr@cogeco.ca