Friday 17 February 2023

INNOCENCE CANADA PRESS RELEASE‎ - February 16, 2023 - David and Joyce Milgaard’s Law


David and Joyce Milgaard’s Law

Minister of Justice Introduces Legislation to Establish an Independent Canadian Criminal Case Review Commission


David Milgaard

Innocence Canada is pleased with Justice Minister David Lametti’s announcement today of a new bill to establish an Independent Commission to review claims of innocence which has been named after Joyce and David Milgaard. 


We honour the memory of David and Joyce Milgaard (right) and all wrongly convicted individuals and their families.

We would like to also acknowledge the countless people starting with the Donald Marshall Jr. Commission of Inquiry, who have for over thirty years been advocating for an independent case review commission.  We are grateful to Justice Minister David Lametti for his dedication and commitment to making this important and vital new commission a reality.


We hope that the new proposed Criminal Code amendments will rectify the failures of the past and provide the wrongly convicted with the means to prove their innocence as expediently as possible.


Ron Dalton, Exoneree stated:


“This legislation would have been beneficial in the past, but we hope more importantly going forward, it will benefit those coming after us.”

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Ron Dalton, Exoneree and Co-President, Innocence Canada at 709-327-6864 or  

issued by Stephen Weir