Monday 1 July 2019

Carnival Quiz: What Jumps Up On The Road And Is Green All Over?

Forget Kodachrome Colour, Photographer Jenny Baboolal will be Green all over at City Hall and at this summer’s Grand Parade
 By Stephen Weir

Photographer and long-time film maker Jenny Baboolal is not only showing her photography in Toronto’s City Hall, she will also be talking about her environmental concern around carnival celebrations at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival official launch at city hall and at the Grand Parade. 
The traditional Nathan Phillips Square launch for the annual carnival and parade usually attracts 5,000 to 10,000 fans who are interested in the Carnival Arts.  As well the annual parade can attract up to a million spectators gaga for all things Caribbean, takes place on August 3rd this year along Lakeshore Blvd and at Exhibition Place.
 Everyone is aware of the climate change crisis and wants to make a difference,” Jenny Baboolal told the Caribbean Camera. She is going Green during Carnival and has already formed a Go Green Mas band that will be taking part in events throughout the summer.
“ Our green masquerading band of revelers is here to promote the idea of being environmentally friendly whilst sharing and preserving the carnival traditions and engaging the community in a friendly way,” she continued. “On July 9th our small group will be parading at the Toronto City Hall at the official afternoon launch of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival and of course I will be at the launch of the photography exhibition."
From Baboolal YouTube Video

The masqueraders will be wearing costumes that will be predominantly green in colour and represent traditional carnival characters. They will be dancing and strutting their stuff to Caribbean music and rhythms. Environmentally friendly messaging will be featured on the costumes.

Also, on August 3, 2019 the CNE will be home for the Festival and it’s Grand Parade of Bands. The “Going Green” masquerading band of revellers will be roving around the CNE grounds during the day as a stand-alone group and not in the large parade of bands.

Ms. Baboolal is hoping that fun loving, likeminded environmentally concerned revellers will don green and jump up with her.  She can be reached at: