Wednesday 30 October 2013

Prostate Cancer (Sex) Diary


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Is there sex after prostate cancer? Men’s health top of mind during ‘Movember’

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“My Prostate Cancer (Sex) Diary
The story of a young survivor who didn’t go limp”

Just released e-book is man-to-man account of dealing with the disease through diagnosis, treatment
AND the part that almost always gets left out: sex after treatment
What: New e-book My Prostate Cancer (Sex) Diary, by Don Truckey; published  Like no other book on the subject, this memoir not only works through the confusion and controversies surrounding prostate cancer, including the ups and downs of treatment options and learning to move on, but provides an honest, personal account of one man’s journey toward post-surgery sexual recovery.
Why: While awareness of prostate cancer has increased this past decade, one thing that doesn’t get discussed when all of those “Movember” moustaches begin to sprout is the fact that treatments for the disease have dramatic and often traumatic consequences when it comes to a man’s sexual ability.  Many men suffer from severe or total erectile dysfunction after treatment. Directed at men (and their partners) who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, My Prostate Cancer (Sex) Diary delivers the straight goods, not necessarily from a doctor, but from another man who’s been through it.
Who: Don Truckey is an award-winning screenwriter whose work includes the television series Street Legal and Urban Angel. He has written two movies with hockey as their theme: the Gemini award-winning Net Worth and Chicks with Sticks, as well as Crazy Canucks about Canada’s Olympic Ski team. His first book in the Caraway Kim Series, The Adventures of Caraway Kim . . . Southpaw was published in 2005 and was shortlisted for the 2007 Rocky Mountain Book Award (Alberta Children in Literacy Program).  Don Truckey resides in Toronto, Ontario. He was diagnosed with the prostate cancer at age fifty-four and has recovered following successful treatment. 
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My Prostate Cancer (Sex) Diary, by Don Truckey, published by Canadian Writers Group is available online for $2.99 via the following links:
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