Monday 7 October 2013

Great White Shark Gets Wet Welcome To Toronto

Great big launch for IMAX Great White Shark
Ontario Underwater Council's Scuba Demonstration Tank in Front Of Ontario Science Centre
It was a shark frenzy of activity at the Ontario Science Centre today as the Toronto public attraction gets ready for Tuesday's launch of the new Imax Movie - Great White Shark
The Science Centre is working with the Ontario Underwater Council to have a memorable one-day debut for the film. Pictured, two huge film banners are hung outside of the Science Centre. In the top picture you can see the banner behind a portable diving tank. 
Members of the Underwater Council (OUC) will be inside the tank most of tomorrow demonstrating how to scuba dive as part of the Science Centre's Media Day.
Prior to filling the tank, OUC president Rick Le Blanc (right) climbed inside and cleaned the viewing window.  The Association represents the rights and needs of over 200,000 active scuba divers in the province. 
Although there are only a few species of sharks native to Ontario waters (in Hudson Bay), many Ontario scuba divers travel south to swim and photograph sharks. 
Three years in the making, Great White Shark takes viewers around the world to see the large sharks in their natural habitat.
“Our mission is to change people’s attitudes toward the great white,” said Steve McNicholas, co-director of the film. “It’s not the menacing, evil predator it’s made out to be. It’s simply performing its crucial role at the top of the ocean’s food chain.  Great whites are not monsters any more than the polar bears or lions that we revere.”  
Shark Banner Outside IMAX theatre
 Distributed by Giant Screen Films, Great White Shark is produced by Yes/No Productions and Liquid Pictures 3D. It is narrated by acclaimed stage and film actor Bill Nighy.