Tuesday 23 February 2021

: Four Black Police Officers To Give Deposition on Racism with the York Regional Police Force


On Wednesday, February 24, four Black York Regional Police Officers, and their lawyer will be appearing before the York Regional Police Services Board (YRPSB) to make a vitally important  deputation on matters of systemic racism and discrimination within the service.  The media is invited to attend and cover this important live online deputation that is being held during Black History Month.  

"The Deputation is an act of Bravery on the part of the officers who have been traumatized over many years. It is also an act of Bravery on the part of the York Region Police Service Board to  build bridges and address systemic racism,” explains the officers’ Counsel for Justice and Equity – Courtney Betty.  The goal is to make York Region a model for other Police Forces to follow."

“As a result of ongoing internal anti-Black racism conflicts, I have had with my employer for almost 10 years, I along with three other Black officers who have had the same complaints regarding YRP's differential treatment of its Black employees will be appearing before the York Regional Police Service Board to voice our concerns,” says  Police Constable Dameian Muirhead, “We will also be sharing intimate details about how this treatment has impacted our mental, physical and emotional health,” he continues. “Our close relatives have also been negatively impacted by these experiences.”


The officers who will speak on Wednesday morning are:


·      19-year veteran Detective Constable Neil Dixon. He is currently on leave as a result of suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to a near-death experience after a racial profiling incident involving two White YRP officers and a Sergeant.

·      Special Constable Vernley France has been with the force for 19-years. In 2015, he came forward to address the issues of racial discrimination and anti-Black racism in the workplace.  As a result of his coming forward, York Regional Police retaliated in the form of a series of  ongoing reprisals against the Caribbean Canadian constable.

·      Police Constable Dameian Muirhead is an 18-year veteran of the Service.  The Jamaican Canadian officer continues to endure various internal and external adversities while maintaining exemplary work performance as documented in all his formal work evaluations.  

·      The Fourth Officer, is identified as Police Constable ST


Normally held at  the York Region Administrative Centre’s chambers in Newmarket Wednesday’s deputation will be live online on Zoom and viewable by the media and the public on YouTube. 


The YRPSB is a seven-member civilian governing body mandated to oversee the police service. Expected to attend the hearing are members: Virginia Hackson (Chair, Mayor of East Gwillimbury), Maurizo Bevilacqua (Vice Chair, Mayor of Vaughan), Wayne EmmersonJosh Cooper, Jennifer FangWalter Perchal and Norma McCullough. Mrs. McCullough is the only Black member of the Board; she  is currently a member of the Association of Black Law Enforcers.

There are 2,400 men and women working for the York Regional Police under the command of Chief Jim MacSween, Deputy Chiefs’ Brian Bigras, Paulo Da Silva, Cecile Hammond and Robertson Rouse.  Deputy Chief Rouse, a Trinidadian Canadian, is the only Black officer in the service's Upper Command

There are 1.2 million citizens living in York Region, 25,000 who self-identify as Black.


Further Information

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York Regional Police Services Board Meeting:  February 24, 2021 –9:00 a.m.

To watch on live YouTube  https://youtu.be/WIVa251JYts



Friday 5 February 2021

It is official - Saturday is Bob Marley Day in Toronto



On Behalf of the City Council, Mayor John Tory – in a very eloquent speech – officially declared February 6, 2021 Bob Marley Day in Toronto.  


This marks the 30th year that the City of Toronto has officially declared Bob Marley Day. In his message, the Mayor recognized the impact of Bob Marley both in his music and his philosophy of world peace and unity captured in his famous song “One Love”. 

The video link below captures the Mayors' message along with the messages from our award winners:

Media Download:



The Bob Marley Day committee also recognized the following individuals for their contribution in building our City and our country. 

  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes  
  • Jennie Esnard  
  • Theresa Betty  
  • Dr. Aubrey Zidenberg  
  • Andria Barrett  
  • Nicholas Marcus Thompson   
  • Velma Morgan  
  • Balarama Holness 
  • Director X
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