Friday 13 November 2015

Tings Go Better With Sponsorship. Off-the-Wall ideas for the Caribbean Carnival


I am not involved in the search for a new sponsor of the annual Toronto Caribbean Carnival. If I were I would probably be promoting the philosophy of thinking outside the box. Recognizing that there aren't many companies that can committed to investing BIG money in the annual festival this year, I would push the idea of finding two companies willing to join together and invest a SMALLER serving of money to feed to the Caribbean festival rather than coming up with the whole roti!

Might not be that hard to partner two competing companies to support and market a festival that attracts over a million, young hip urban people to downtown Toronto. There are also millions who watch it all on TV, online and of course through social media. This is the perfect place to launch a new slogan for the festival and its two NEW non-alcoholic drink partners.
I am suggesting that Jamaican bottlers Desnoes and Geddes Lrd work with Atlanta based Coca-Cola to be the presenting sponsor of the parade under the banner TINGS GO BETTER WITH COCA-COLA. (of course truth be told D&G produces one of Jamaica's best-known exports, Red Stripe beer, but sold off the rights to Ting to the UK's PepsiCo in 1999. Oops, but hey, I am just the ideas man!).

Tings Go Better With Coke!


Friday Night's Pan Aleve!

I believe the Festival should work to get a drug company to sponsor the annual Friday night Steel Drum competition at Lamport Stadium. Now loud music can cause headaches, so, with this sponsor target we will have to change the name of the event to Pan Aleve!
Party Downy

Big name Soca Stars make big money in Toronto  in terms of royalties and appearances when their music is used on the road.  Machel Montano and singer Angela Hunte  can give back to the parade and enhance their brand by working with fabric softener maker Proctor and Gamble to sponsor the festival's final event of the year - the Island Family Picnic

The pair could donate a new tag line to the island family gathering.  This event is often called "THE LAST LAP". With their star power and P and G dollars, the new line could be Party Downy!

Highway 407 is now billing drivers with American licence plates who travel on the privately owned freeway. The highway could sponsor a carnival event and put their brand in front of over 250,000 US visitors who drive to Toronto every summer for the big party.  To cut costs they can team with Pizza 
967- Oh- 4 -OH - 7 Hey Hey

Pizza to sponsor the Malvern based Kiddies Parade.  

Of course it will mean having to move the Junior Carnival Parade a bit north to 407. 2,000 kids will love dancing along the slow lane of 407 one Saturday in early July. The young revellers  will have no trouble remembering the catchy slogan they should adopt. 967- Oh- 4 -OH - 7 Hey Hey.