Friday 29 January 2021

Matrix Mortgage Global champions Alternative lending in Canada - now working with MCC


Shawn Allen

SCARBOROUGH, ONJan. 28, 2021 /CNW/ - Matrix Mortgage Global ("Matrix") is pleased to announce that they have entered into a franchise agreement with Mortgage Centre Canada ("MCC"), a member of the Dominion Lending Centres Group ("DLCG").

Matrix, an early adopter of contactless mortgage transacting, has been instrumental in the virtual shift of the Canadian mortgage marketplace by offering a secure end-to-end virtual user experience. As an industry leader for innovation, Matrix has created a new Enterprise Solution, BURST that provides API Integrations with a host of SaaS (software as a service) providers, lenders, lawyers, appraisers, clients and referral partners.
This move to MCC is in alignment with Matrix's growth strategy that will provide its over 100 lender and vendor partners with streamlined information dissemination and improved data collection methods.
Rich Spence, President of MCC, remarked: "Mortgage Centre Canada is highly respected and is the longest established mortgage network in Canada. Respecting the past while embracing the future has always been MCC strength.  Working with Matrix and Newton to bring technology and brokers together is exciting for all of us at MCC."
By aligning with MCC, Matrix will have greater access and deeper integration with award winning tools and technology such as Newton Connectivity Solutions' ("Newton") award winning Velocity mortgage orientation platform.
"Newton is pleased that Matrix Mortgage Global has selected Velocity as its brokerage operating platform," says Newton CEO and President, Geoff Willis.  "Newton is committed to connecting mortgage client, broker, and lender with seamless technology solutions that focus on better client experiences." 
"I am optimistic about the opportunities this partnership will bring" Shawn Allen, Founder & CEO of Matrix Mortgage Global stated. "Our values surrounding the future of mortgage transactions and the digital workplace are rooted firmly around a desire for efficiency and transparency. We have always been at the forefront of innovation as our organization is laser focused on AI driven Fintech(Financial Technology). Teaming with MCC and Newton means that the emerging technology Velocity provides will greatly reduce the length of the mortgage sales cycle and improve how we service our mortgage clients."
About Matrix Mortgage Global: Matrix Mortgage Global has championed Alternative lending in Canada since 2008. Together with a strong technology infrastructure and innovative lending product suite, Matrix Mortgage Global plays a critical role in educating and financing Canadian borrowers, of which over 400,000 were impacted by the 2016 & 2018 Government-Sanctioned Stress-Test Regulations.
Matrix Mortgage Global, the reigning three-time Brokerage of the Year founded in 2008, Matrix Mortgage Global provides Canada-Wide mortgage financing with a Solution Based Lending approach. With over $1.5B in mortgage originations, Matrix has revolutionized the accessibility of alternative and private funds offering a diverse suite of mortgage and investment solutions. An active member of the Canadian Mortgage Broker Association, Matrix advocates for Canadians Borrowers at all levels of government.
About Mortgage Centre Canada / Dominion Lending Centres Inc: DLC group of companies is Canada's leading and largest mortgage brokerage with over $40 billion in funded mortgages in 2019. DLC group of companies operates through four main subsidiaries, Dominion Lending Centres, Mortgage Centre Canada, Mortgage Architects and Newton Connectivity Systems and has operations in all 13 provinces and territories. DLC group of companies' extensive network includes ~6,000 agents and 515 locations. Headquartered in British Columbia, DLC group of companies was founded in 2006 by Gary Mauris and Chris Kayat.
About Newton Connectivity Solutions: Newton's complete range of products and services are designed to automate the entire mortgage approval, underwriting and funding process by providing instant insight into the entire business.
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