Friday 5 February 2021

It is official - Saturday is Bob Marley Day in Toronto



On Behalf of the City Council, Mayor John Tory – in a very eloquent speech – officially declared February 6, 2021 Bob Marley Day in Toronto.  


This marks the 30th year that the City of Toronto has officially declared Bob Marley Day. In his message, the Mayor recognized the impact of Bob Marley both in his music and his philosophy of world peace and unity captured in his famous song “One Love”. 

The video link below captures the Mayors' message along with the messages from our award winners:

Media Download:!AhNXfckYjHyNhFM-2fd6b9wNmBvL?e=qxs2yJ


The Bob Marley Day committee also recognized the following individuals for their contribution in building our City and our country. 

  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes  
  • Jennie Esnard  
  • Theresa Betty  
  • Dr. Aubrey Zidenberg  
  • Andria Barrett  
  • Nicholas Marcus Thompson   
  • Velma Morgan  
  • Balarama Holness 
  • Director X
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