Wednesday 5 May 2021

Various jpgs, cutlines and screen grabs for Windsor U communication courses 2021

Memes for Notebook Assignment - Vince - 1st Year

meme 1(above) meme 2 (below)

Meme: Putin and the Sputnik Virus.

Photo for 3rd year class: Stephen Weir Shooting Interview for Susanna Moodie exhibition with Charlie Pachter and Margaret Atwood, George on Camera (me in green shirt)

JPGs for Vince's class Assignment 1: Digital Memory.  Is our memory of Marilyn Monroe on the subway vent the "real memory"

School Dayz 2021- After 45+-years I have returned to studying part-time at the University of Windsor.  While I am enjoying the challenge of studying in the emerging digital age, I am having difficulty with the University's Microsoft based online programme.  

I have daily wrestling matches with their Black Board software, and sadly I must report that I am losing. But as Plato wrote Necessity is the mother of invention.  These pictures are posted in my blog so that I can reference this site to allow GA markers to see the photographs I am writing about.

Currently I am writing a paper critical of a much quoted paper by Benjamin Jacobsen and David Beer Quantified Nostalgia: Social Media, Metrics, and Memory). I want to include three pictures of Marilyn Monroe standing on an air grate.  One photo is a pre-digital era meme - it is recognized and part of the public's memory - Marilyn defying the mores of the 50s by wickedly smiling as her underwear is exposed in the blast of hot air blowing out of a subway vento into her crotch.

The second picture, taken by Canadian photographer Sam Shaw, shows what was really happening on the grate.

The third photograph shows how jpg manipulation allow this famous picture can produce digital memories in colour, even though the original was shot in B&W.

The pictures were taken while the movie The Seven Year Itch was being made.  The film is a 1955 Billy Wilder romantic comedy and starred Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell.


The picture the world remembers

A picture of what really happened

Colourized Marilyn on the grate 

Two photographs for CMAF quiz showing how while Mass Media is down-playing negative news about vaccines, protesters are returning to anti-establishment street news to get their messages seen.  This Sun box is one block north of Yonge St and Eglinton Avenue.  This is one of the busiest intersections in Canada - the unedited message is seen by thousands of people an hour (during rush hour) 

Yonge / Eg anti-vax graffiti