Monday, 30 November 2009


Mood on Demand Fact Sheet

On December 1, Canadian television will change radically with the debut of Mood on Demand: a new and groundbreaking addition to Rogers’ Video on Demand (VOD)-Channel 100. Mood on Demand offers exclusive, high quality ambient content for flat-screen High Definition television- content that transforms a flat-panel TV into an art gallery.
Mood on Demand offers an art content stream. This is a unique only-for-HDTV exhibition of Canadian masterworks from The McMichael Canadian Art Collection. For .99 cents a day viewers can ‘hang’ two dozen paintings from the masters who captured the heart and soul of Canada. Among the works are:

• Lawren S. Harris- Pic Island (c.1924)
• Clarence Gagnon- The Chapdelaine Farm (1928-1933)
• Arthur Lismer- My Garden, Thornhill (c.1916)
• Tom Thomson- Snow Shadows (1916)
• A. Y. Jackson- Bent Pine (1948)
• Franklin Carmichael- Farm, Haliburton (1940)
• J.E.H. MacDonald-Snow, Lake O’Hara (1927)
• A.J. Casson- Fisherman's Point (c.1948)
• A.Y. Jackson Road to Baie St. Paul (1933)
The art lover has three viewing choices: a gallery-like slide-show presentation where all the work can be viewed and compared; a travel through each picture as the camera takes us seemingly inside each painting; a brilliantly engaging view of a single image at a time.
Mood on Demand represents new thinking about art; it is an innovative, compelling way to expand the art experience for the Canadian public.
Mood on Demand’s partnership with Rogers’s Cable VOD system is a global first that puts Canada at the fore of an exciting, revolutionary mood enhancing dimension of HDTV and Video on Demand. The new service launches December 1st.
Mood on Demand redefines the art experience by bringing the visual arts directly into the Canadian home. HDTV technology creates a lush cinematic viewing experience where spatial details and clarity result from an enhanced pixel count creating a previously unattainable level of pictorial quality. This intersection of cutting-edge TV technology and high art creates the possibility of an at-home art gallery. Some new HDTV sets units even come complete with actual picture frames.
Mood on Demand allows museums and art galleries to reach new audiences while answering HDTV owners’ demand for compelling HD content that goes beyond sports.
The remarkably robust market for flat-screen TV with Flat Panel Plasma and LCD televisions is poised to account for 100% of all television sales by 2010, compared to a mere 6% in 2004. Larger flat-screen sets are experiencing the most dramatic growth. Mood on Demand is perfectly positioned in terms of the current major transition to larger flat screens by offering unique content for the enhanced HD experience. These consumers are interested in higher-end HD content to showcase their televisions.


Mood on Demand / Good Earth Productions
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Mitch Azaria: 416 766-4114

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