Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Toronto Irony: Braving the fences and the police to hear about an assocation dedicated to breaking down walls

Awards Given Out By Toronto Community Foundation

Underneath the boom box singers and after-school chefs, there is indeed a statue of Glen Gould! This morning, behind 10 ft tall fences and under the watchful eyes of thousands of G10 security officers, the Toronto Community Foundation held an awards event in the CBC's downtown Glen Gould Theatre. The Toronto Community Foundation connects philanthropy with community needs and opportunities in order, according to the TCC "to make Toronto the best place to live, work, learn, and grow."
IT is one of the largest of Canada's 165 community foundations. Established in 1981, the TCC has over $225 million in assets and works with hundreds of concerned Torontonians and high-impact community organizations.
This morning's event - Vital Toronto 2010 - saw the presentation of 26 awards to people and groups who make a difference in the city. The children, pictured above, take part in Beyond 3.30, an after-school programme at a number of city schools including Rockcliffe Middle School and Lawrence Heights Middle School.
Beyond 3.30 gets kids involved in meaningful (and fun) projects immediately after school classes end, Monday to Friday.The Toronto Community Foundation gives funding to the project.
Some of the children enrolled in Beyond 3.30 took part in the morning TCF event - cooking food, putting on drumming demonstrations and performing Beat Box on the Glenn Gould stage.
Matt Galloway, host of CBC Radio's Metro Morning,was the MC for the 2-hour event. His special guest was outgoing mayor, David Miller.