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Cheat Sheet for Gallery Security Guards

The Things You Find On The Floor
Julian Schnabel: Art and Film

While attending the media launch to the Art Gallery's new exhibition - Julian Schnabel: Art and Film, I picked a 2-page sheet off the floor. It was called a cheat sheet - points of film trivia to help security personnel answer questions from the media as they looked at Schnabel's artwork.
Great idea. Going to steal it. Just a little suprised at some of the terms listed -- who doesn't know that ADreferences dates after the birth of Christ?

Cheat Sheet A Guide to the Exhibition’s References to Cinema
Cinema has had a strong impact on Julian Schnabel's artistic imagination, inspiring his painting in many ways. It is a dynamic force, appearing throughout his work, linking paintings that are visually very different through common themes. Some of the references are explicit, others are less so. Schnabel also references popular culture and mythology, as well as events, people and places that have personal for significance him. Below is an alphabetical (by first name or letter) listing of names and terms referred to in Schnabel's paintings.

Name or Term Reference

Refers to Accattone, a 1961 film written and directed by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini
A.D Stands for Anno Domini (Latin) meaning the " year of our Lord." This term is used to signify dates after the birth of Christ.
Albert Finney British actor (born 1936) who starred in the 1984 film Under the Volcano, directed by John Huston. It is based on Malcolm Lowry's 1947 of the same name, telling the story an alcoholic British consul in a small Mexican town.
Andy Warhol Andy Warhol (1928-l 987) an iconic figure American in pop art as a painter, printmaker and filmmaker He was portrayed by David Bowie in Schnabel's 1996 film Basquiat. Warhol was also a pioneer of experimental filmmaking.

Bernardo Bertolucci: Italian film director and screenwriter (born
In l 940) known for such fi1ms as Last Tango in Paris and The Last Emperor. He was the first assistant on Pasolini's Accattone and is a close friend of Schnabel. Brando: Marlon Brando (1924-2004) was an American actor known for his roles in A Streetcar Named Desire, The Godfather and Last Tango in Paris. He directed one film, a western called One-Eyed Jacks (196l) in which he also starred
Catherine Marie-Ange: A reference to a character (Catherine) in the 1971 French film L'Araignde d'eau (The Water Spider) and the actress who played her (Marie-Ange Dutheil)
Cortes A municipality in Spain, not far from Schnabel's home in San Sebastian
El Espontaneo Translated as The Rash One, a 1964 film by Spanish director Jorge Grau
Gary Oldman An acclaimed British actor and filmmaker (born 1958), Oldman starred in Schnabel's film Basquiat a character based on Schnabel himself.
Jane Birkin British model, actress, singer and film director (born 1946) who attained celebrity status in the 1960s.
Jean Vigo A French film director (1905 - l934) who helped establish poetic realism in film in the 1930s and influence French New Wave Cinema of the late 1950s and early 1960s.
JMB Refers to Jean-Michel Basquiat (l 960-1988), an American artist who was the subject of Schnabel's l 996 biopic Basqujat
Malcolm Lowry British novel and poet (l909-1957) best known for his novel Under the Volcano, which was made into a film starring Albert Finney.
Malik Joyeux Tahitian big wave surfer (1980-2005) who was known for tackling the treacherous barrel waves at Teahupo'o, Tahiti. Died in Hawaii taking on the notoriously difficult surf of Oahu’s Pipeline.
Mickey Rourke: American actor (born l 952) known for his recent role in The Wrestler. Starred in Francis Ford Coppola's Rumble Fish and gained notoriety in the film 9 '/2 Weeks
Norma Desmond Refers to Norma Desmond, a character in Billy Wilder's 1950 film Sunset Boulevard. Desmond, played by actress Gloria Swanson, is an aging silent movie star desperate to a comeback.
One-Eyed Jacks the only film directed by actor Marlon Brando, who also played its lead character, Rio. Other cast members of this Western include Karl Malden, Slim Pickens, Jurado Katy Hector and Ben Johnson
Pixote: Brazilian film (l981) depicting the life of Brazil's delinquent youth. Directed by Hector Babenco, who appears as an actor in Schnabel's second film, Before Night Falls (2OOO)
Platoon: Famed l986 film written and directed by Oliver Stone, set during the Vietnam War
Ragazzo Padre An Italian phrase meaning "the boy father." It refers to a line of dialogue from Francis@ Ford Coppola's seminal film The Godfather (1972)

Rula Refers to Rula Jebreal, Palestinian journalist, author and screenwriter who collaborated with Schnabel on his forthcoming film Miral which is based upon her novel of the same name.
Rumble Fish A 1983 film directed by Frances Ford Coppola, based on the S.E. Hinton novel of the same name. Stars Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Hopper.
Shoeshine: Reference to the 1946 film (Italian title: Scjuscia), which was the first major work by director Vittorio de Sica, best known for his film The Bicycle Thief. Veramente Bestia Italian phrase meaning “beast" or "a true beast."

CUTLINE: Julian Schnabel takes the media through the new Art Gallery of Ontario exhibition: Julian Schnabel: Art and Film

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