Tuesday 25 July 2023


 Black Tape Or Not this Rate R Section Will Be Turning Heads on the Parade Route

By Stephen Weir The biggest question of the spring wasn't about the revealing costumes that the Rated R section will be wearing on the road at this August's Grand Parade. It was whether anyone would be brave to actually sign-up and join in.

Imagine revelers confidently dancing down the Lakeshore, cracking whips. They will be adorned in black and purple S&M-inspired fishnet costumes, with optional black X tape covering their nipples and super small silver codpieces to ensure legality. Their full-contact performance will be truly captivating.
"Yes, of course we sold out!" exclaimed Thea Jackson, the leader of the R-Rated section. "We received a fantastic response and actually have about 60% American participation, which I love. It's evident that those who choose to wear this costume are incredibly comfortable in their own skin and enjoy pushing boundaries. However, we also have some individuals who are more reserved, and for them, wearing this costume is a risk they've always wished to take. It's a beautiful thing."

The R-Section is just one of fourteen sections comprising this year's Toronto Revellers mas band. With a theme of "It's Show Time," the other sections will wear costumes that strike a balance between modesty and sensuality.
Costume production is in full swing at the Reveller's Mas Camp located at 2450 Victoria Park Ave, North York. "We are prepared to be one of the standout sections on the road," Jackson informed the Caribbean Camera. "Both masqueraders and spectators have yet to witness anything like this on the streets of Toronto... until now! In a flurry of purples and pinks, you won't be able to miss us."

While bare breasts have occasionally been exposed on the parade route in the past, this might be the first time a section, will be participating in such a manner if and it is a big if, the masqueraders opt out of wearing the supplied “boob tape” over their nipples
The members of the R-Rated group have already engaged in a group chat. The Revellers have informed them about how much they will stand out from the rest of the parade and advised them to be prepared for the attention they will receive. "We will have additional marshals on the road but do not anticipate any issues," said Jackson. "We actually have a significant number of men within the section as well, so I am confident that the ladies will be well taken care of!"
Based on reporter Weir's inbox traffic, the Rated R section has generated the most discussions in this year's Toronto Caribbean Carnival. The organizer she says she is looking forward to blowing everyone's mind this carnival and once again in 2024!

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